Month: May 2010

The Buzz – Apple IPad

May 24, 2010

One of the most anticipated product launches of the year, the Apple iPad was introduced to the public on April 3rd, 2010. In true Apple style, the iPad created big buzz with consumers worldwide.

Geographical distribution of social media mentions

Over an 18 day period (28th March – 15th April), we monitored a social media buzz totalling 80,968 conversations, with an average of 3,680 conversations per day; peaking at 15,072 a few day prior to launch.

In the Middle East region, a total 1,148 conversations were recorded, with Egypt, the UAE, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Tunisia, generating 88% of total Middle East chatter. Almost all conversations were in English, spread across a wide range of age groups (18-49 yrs old), demonstrating the universal appeal of the brand. However, this seemed to be a guys thing with males accounting for 76% of the conversation and females just 24%.

26% of the social media mentions for the Apple iPad launch were positive, which is reflective of a deeply entrenched brand evoking a strong, favourable reaction from its audiences.

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