Month: October 2010

The Buzz – Rescue of Chilean Miners

October 18, 2010

For more than two months, 33 men were trapped underground in Chile’s San Jose mine. Afterwards, on October 13, the most extraordinary rescue operations in history lasting 22 hours took place and brought up the miners to the surface again. The incident was attended by overwhelming media coverage worldwide.

People did not only watch the rescue aired on television or via live stream online, but also they shared their opinions and emotions about the event on the Social Web numerously.

Volume of social media mentions regarding the rescue of the Chilean miners

Within three days, we gathered 191,995 comments and discussions related to the operations at San Jose mine.

World is involved in Chilean rescue mission

Geographical distribution of social media mentions

It was indeed a global topic as we captured discussions from loads of different countries – with Chile itself on fourth place (in terms of sheer amount of comments).

Where did people share their emotions?

Which channels were used to share emotions

Many people told their followers on Twitter (Microblog) about the latest actions of the rescue team at San Jose mine or shared links to news sites offering various information on the whole issue like animated explanations of the steel tubing the Chilean rescuers built up or what and when the miners eat. Few discussed – mainly on Social Network sites and below related news articles (Other Media Types) – the widely covered stories about the several mistresses that appeared at Camp Hope and met the wives and families of the miners. Other topics being discussed were the Jesus T-Shirts the miners wore when rescued, how life will change for them, chances on a movie about this historic rescue and the maybe unfair benefits they now most likely will profit from.

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Dennis Frieß & Yannick Dischinger
Social Media Analysts @ SocialEyez

The Buzz – The Social Network

October 11, 2010

“The Social Network,” the movie dramatization of the founding of Facebook, came to U.S. theaters on Friday, October 1. The plot, which was adapted from Ben Mezrich’s nonfiction novel “The Accidental Billionaires” (2009), charted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Not only because Zuckerberg opposed the making of the film, but also because Facebook is the largest online community worldwide with over 500,000,000 members, the movie was awaited eagerly by loads of people. A 7-day monitoring was conducted from the day preceding the launch of the movie to see what people think about it.

Volume of social media mentions regarding the "Facebook movie"

Already one day prior to the launch of the movie, we collected many discussions, comments and sharing expectations (4,562 conversations on September 30). On Friday, October 1, we measured a peak with 31,061 comments and ongoing discussions about the so-called “Facebook movie”. From September 30 to October 6, we totally collected 123,901 results.

Geographical distribution of social media mentions

Not only reactions in US

As the movie was only released in the US and Canada, we captured most results of social media channels from both countries (90,6%). However, many people worldwide attended its release through these conversations or movie platforms on the internet (users apparently told each other about websites where they could watch the movie). Accordingly, there were about 5% of the non-US results collected from the Middle East region.

Sentiment towards “The Social Network”

Sentiment of social media mentions

Most of the people that watched the movie really liked it, some were even really impressed and already discussed its chances on an Academy award. Comments given often focused on their new gained opinion about the person of Zuckerberg or that they wouldn’t have expected the movie that good. Few were (positively) surprised because they assumed the movie to be more like a documentary; few because they haven’t expected the story about the early days of Facebook wouldn’t have been that exciting.

The 45% large neutral part of the comments consists of shared links about reviews on the movie, links about movie sites that provide “The Social Network” as an online stream or any other related discussion like the one about Justin Timberlake’s look with glasses in the film.

Only 5% of the results we captured were negative. People simply said they couldn’t understand the hype because the film wasn’t that good or said the book the film is based on was much better.

Intensive usage of Facebook to speak about Facebook movie

Which channels were used to express one's opinion

The highest buzz was generated from Microblogs like Twitter or Google Buzz. However, these short statements carried only most of the neutral results. Most of the opinion sharing was collected from social network platforms – like Facebook itself. “Others” ranked third with 8% of comments, which were mainly made up of discussions mentioned below film reviews.

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Dennis Frieß & Yannick Dischinger
Social Media Analysts @ SocialEyez