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Buzz Report: Zeid Hamdan

July 28, 2011

A senior journalist and an art critic, Pierre Abi Saab who writes for an Arabic newspaper Al-Akhbar wrote, “The security establishment in Lebanon, no doubt, has qualifications and benefits that we may or may not know about. But it, at least, has one weakness which comes as quite a surprise in a democratic system, and that weakness is about their policy in dealing with freedom of thought, creativity and expression.

And the case of Zeid Hamdan represents a model for this abyss policy which does harm to everyone without exception, because of old habits, customs and mentalities that date back to the days of the French mandate and even the Ottoman Empire.”

With nearly 2,116 social media mentions of Zeid Hamdan since yesterday, the buzz is expected to grow at the rate of 70-80 mentions per hour on various social media networks. The first tweet about his arrest was posted at 2:42 pm (UAE local time) on 27th July, Wednesday. SocialEyez monitored the social media buzz about Zeid Hamdan globally and found that nearly 67% of the total buzz came from Lebanon alone.

Many social media users speculate that the escalating pressure due to social media buzz that was rapidly spreading within the regional social media networks was a major contributing factor behind Zeid Hamdan’s release.

The Daily Star, which is a leading Lebanese newspaper, said that “Hamdan’s arrest was ordered following a request from Interior Minister Marwan Charbel, according to judicial sources, after Lebanon’s General Security viewed the video of the song, created in 2010, and determined that it caused offense to the president.”

The Facebook group “Free Opinion, Free Speech, Mobilize NOW to Free Zeid Hamdan” shared an opinion stating, “Zeid Hamdan has been released, and this is great news, we are all happy about that!  However what happened remains unacceptable, we cannot live, think, work, create… under the threat of being arrested anytime for no legal reason. We should defend our private freedoms. It is unacceptable to continue dealing with these situations again and again… and then return to silence… we should mobilize to defend the artistic freedom and freedoms of thought and speech…”

Twitter Buzz

577 tweets with the hashtag #freezeid were posted on Twitter in a span of 2 hours (from 3 pm – 5pm UAE local time) after Zeid Hamdan’s arrest on Wednesday 27th July 2011.

Facebook Buzz

Facebook pages created by supporters of Zeid Hamdan, saw a quick increase in the volume of buzz and also the number of likes. The page “Free Zeid Hamdan from Jail” had over 433 comments posted on the page. Total likes for the posts published on the page were 741.

Share of Voice – by Media Type

64% of the total buzz about Zeid Hamdan on social media came from Micro-blogging websites like Twitter and Google buzz. 31% of the total buzz about the subject was monitored on social networking websites like Facebook and YouTube.

Top Languages

62% of the total buzz about Zeid Hamdan on social media was in English language, followed by 27% of the total buzz in Arabic language and 11% in French language.

Social Media Conversations (Samples)


  • “Arrest of zeid hamdan is ridiculous! the song is over year old. did they just wake up and decided to get offended? Pathetic”
  • “Zeid Hamdan has been released in Lebanon I can’t believe that he was arrested for a song that popular from a year ago !!”
  • “The role of art & music isn’t to flatter the fragile egos of insecure public figures.” #freezeid
  •  “Arresting Zeid Hamdan will make people aggressive against you President @sleimanmichel. Be brave & give ur order 2 #freezeid”
  • “Zeid Hamdan of @soapKills is now in Prison after his song “General Suleiman” This is an unaccepted act from Lebanese authorities” #FreeZeid
  • “Zeid is free. Still revolting that they detained him in the first place #freezeid We need an investigation why he was detained in 1st
  • “The “General Sleiman” song/video have been online since august 2010. Why making a big deal out of it now a year later?” #freezeid
  • “So President Suleiman has slow internet too, since it took him a whole year to finish downloading the Youtube video?” #FreeZeid #Lebanon


  • “Absolute farce that Zeid Hamdan was detained for few hours in #Lebanon yesterday for his song General Suleiman”
  •  “Zeid Hamdan probably wanted some FREE publicity. That’s why he was detained & set free in a couple of hours.its all fake” #lebanon #justsaying


  • “Popular musician briefly detained for defaming president: Zeid Hamdan, 35, singer, composer and produce…”
  • “Lebanese musician arrested over song: Zeid Hamdan accused of defaming president.” #lebanon #freezeid
  • “Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan briefly detained for a video criticizing the President: shocking attack on freedom of speech in Lebanon.”
  • “Lebanese artist Zeid Hamdan is in prison now because of this song” #FreeZeid #Lebanon

The Background

Hamdan is a veteran of Lebanon’s independent music scene. With Yasmin Hamdan he co-founded the Lebanese trip-hop band Soap Kills in 1997 and, in 2005, the Franco-Lebanese Brit-pop band The New Government.

He wrote “General Suleiman” in 2008. In the lyrics of the song, inspired by Sleiman’s election to the presidency, Hamdan urges the president to rid the country of militias, warlords and corruption.

An incongruously up-beat number that cleverly mingles a paean to the present president of the Lebanese republic with a snappy reggae beat, it went viral in cyberspace, thanks to an amusing music video directed by Gigi Roccati.



This Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various social media platforms.  The search was conducted on all social media platforms in Arabic, English & French. The focus of the research was on global social media conversations and social media trends reflect the sentiment towards Zeid Hamdan’s arrest. For more details write to us at

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Report compiled by the SocialEyez Content Development Team

Buzz Report: Amy Winehouse

July 25, 2011

“There seems to be a very high price to be paid for extreme talent.  The people with that ‘gift’ are running on a track that’s a whole lot shorter than the track that the rest of us run. Too often it’s a life that burns very bright and very short. And all too often there is the added problem of drugs involved. Artists seem to be tortured souls and seek their own ways to relieve the torment. May they all rest in peace”, wrote a social media enthusiast on a forum.

There has been a surge in the number of debates that have talked about how and why Amy Winehouse a, 27 year old British singer- songwriter known for powerful vocals and her contemporary songs such as “rehab’” was found dead in her apartment in north London.

Five-time Grammy winner Amy Winehouse was a dynamic performer and musician who seamlessly blended rock, jazz, pop, and soul and created a sound all her own. Her rich, soulful and unique voice reflected her honest song writing and earned her a devoted fan following, critical acclaim, and the genuine respect and admiration of her musical peers.

But, Winehouse has been plagued with drug and alcohol abuse problems throughout her career and had several times been unable to perform at live shows due this and had pulled out of a comeback tour last month after a disastrous performance at the first show where she was jeered off stage for being too drunk to perform.

Her fans have not only mourned on various social networking sites but also created forums and pages to remember her. With thousands of fans already registered on RIP Amy Winehouse page on Facebook; the sentiment continues to remain both neutral and positive towards the news about the death of Winehouse.

Social Media Conversations – What People Are Saying?


  • “Singer Amy Winehouse found dead at her apartment in London, UK Press Association reports, She was 27.”
  • “Amy Winehouse found dead in London flat”
  • “How did she die?”
  • “Nobody knows yet they suspect it’s drugs or drinking” 🙁
  • Russel Brand has written an eloquent and insightful blog post about Amy Winehouse’s death. Go here to read it:


  • “The late Amy Winehouse never got full credit for her songwriting ability & her hands on approach to her beautiful music. RIP Amy Winehouse”
  • “The best singer in the world…R.I.P…….”
  • “I am really sad for Amy, she never stood a chance with the media hacking on her all the time, pointing out her tats and anything negative they could dig up, she was an entertainer not a show piece, I think she did her best under pressure and she deserves a clap.”
  • “RIP Amy We miss you! FaceBook Memorial Fanpage
  • “I know that I’m a day late but RIP Amy Winehouse. It’s sad that her talents were overshadowed by her troubles.”
  •  “For you I was a flame Love is a losing game Five story fire as you came Love is a losing game One I wish I never played Oh what a mess we made And now the final frame Love is a losing game Self professed… profound Till the chips were down …know you’re a gambling man Love is a losing hand ….” In Memory of Amy Winehouse”
  • “Amy Winehouse’s 2007 album, “Back to Black,” is currently # 1 on both and iTunes.”
  • “I’m so sad to hear the horrible news of Amy Winehouse’s death. I’m so happy I knew you Amy…Rest Well. Gone Too Soon…we’ll miss you!!”
  • “Drugs took her gift, her soul, her light, long before they took her life. RIP Amy”
  • “I have to say that as tragic as this is you can’t want someone to succeed unless that individual wants to, and she was on a downward spiral, and she resisted all help. So what can you do? She’s going to go down in history as tragic icon, a bit like Janis Joplin.”



  • “ Elton John will perform at Amy Winehouse’s funeral with a beautiful rendition of Candle Under The Spoon.
  • Amy Whinehouse just another example of the wages of sin is death, it’s sad the enemy had her bound & look at the end result! Sin has two ways destruction or death. I hope people learned from this.”
  • “Fans of the dead singer Amy Winehouse left an array of cigarettes and alcohol near her home in north London”
  • “Congratulations to Amy Winehouse on 24 hours of sobriety.” #toosoon
  • “Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimmi Hendrix, Ian Curtis, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin all died at 27. Bieber turns 27 in 2021. Just be patient.”
  • “Hey Everyone so the world’s most famous bee hive wearing whiskey drinking crack smoking and heroine shooting soul singer Amy Winehouse has unfortunately passed away. Obviously we should all take a moment of silence for the 27 y/o followed by going to the bar doing shots and shouting that this one is for Blake. Seriously though it’s what she would want.”
  • A terribly tragic day in the music world yesterday…..I lost my iPod (and you thought I was going to say Amy Winehouse died)
  • So, Amy Winehouse is dead. To be honest, we all saw it coming. But Rupert Murdoch knew about it two months ago.
  • “Apparently, Amy Winehouse is not dead. When the police tried drawing the line around her she jumped up and attempted to snort the chalk!

The Social Media Analysis Report

SocialEyez conducted a quantitative and qualitative research to analyse the conversations about Amy Winehouse in UAE.


The daily buzz volume of the direct social media mentions about Amy Winehouse’s death in the UAE:

  • 23rd July 2011: 975 comments / posts
  • 24th July 2011: 745 comments / posts
  • 25th July 2011: 512 comments / posts


  • NEUTRAL: 79 % of the total conversations about Amy Winehouse in the UAE were about sharing articles and news about her death.
  • POSITIVE: 13 % of the total conversations displayed sympathy and admiration towards the artist.
  • NEGATIVE:  8 % of the total buzz about Winehouse’s death in UAE included negative remarks and sarcastic comments.


  • Microblogs:  80% of the total buzz volume on social media networks in the UAE was on microblogs like: Twitter, Google Buzz etc.
  • Message Board Forums: 10% of total social media buzz in the UAE was on message board forums like: or
  • Social networks: 5% of the total buzz volume on social media networks in the UAE like: Facebook.
  • Media type – Others:  5% of the total social media conversations about Amy Winehouse in the UAE were found on websites that hold news articles like: or


English: 67% of social media conversations about Amy Winehouse in UAE were in English language.

Arabic: 33% of social media conversations about Amy Winehouse in UAE were in Arabic language.


This Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various social media platforms.  The search was conducted on all social media platforms in Arabic & English. The focus of the research was on UAE and the conversations and social media trends reflect the sentiment from the residents of the UAE. Write to us at

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Buzz Report – Amy Winehouse (Arabic Version)

Report compiled by the SocialEyez Content Development Team

SocialEyez Latin America Launch

July 5, 2011

Dubai, UAE (July 5, 2011)- With its focus on the world’s emerging markets, SocialEyez has this week launched its operations in Latin America. SocialEyez is recognized as one of the fastest-growing international social media agencies.

Dubai, UAE (July 5, 2011) – With its focus on the world’s emerging markets, SocialEyezTM has this week launched its operations in Latin America. SocialEyez is recognized as one of the fastest-growing international social media agencies.

Laura Gracia of Global News Group talks about the importance of integrated media monitoring.

SocialEyez specializes in providing integrated and highly customized social media monitoring and engagement solutions to businesses around the world.

Latin America is emerging as one of the key territories on the world map of social media, with over 93 million Facebook users and more than 55 million twitter users. A recent report suggests that, as of March 2011, nearly 90% of all Internet users access social media websites.

These trends suggest that social media is contributing significantly to the evolution of communication networks in Latin America. SocialEyez, in partnership with the Global News Group, is focusing on delivering integrated media monitoring solutions to businesses in the region.

Mazen Nahawi, President of News Group International believes that integrating traditional media and social media monitoring offers vital insights into how consumers respond to a brand.

"We are excited with this launch because many of our clients are demanding just a service like this. Social media is growing fast in our region, companies have understood the importance of being 2.0 and Socialeyez is the perfect partner for this". Said Laura García, CEO of GlobaNews Group.

“The launch of Social Eyez Latin America will bring world class social media research to one of the world’s most important emerging markets,” said Mazen Nahawi, president of News Group. “Our partnership with Global News is an example of the great work that emerging market companies can do together to help build the next generation of global leaders in the media and communications industry.”

“We are excited about this launch because many of our clients are demanding just this type of service. The popularity of social media is growing fast in our region. Companies have understood the importance of being 2.0 and SocialEyez is the perfect partner for this.” Laura García, CEO of Global News Group.

The partnership between SocialEyez and Global News Group aims to deliver efficient integrated media monitoring solutions to businesses in Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; El Salvador; Guatemala; Mexico; Panama; Paraguay; Peru; Puerto Rico; Uruguay; Venezuela and all countries in the Caribbean. The languages to be covered through the social media monitoring service are Spanish, English and Portuguese.

About Global News Group & SocialEyezTM

Global News Group is a Latin American company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which provides media monitoring and analysis services, such as digital clipping, corporate intelligence and media analysis of printed and online press, advertising, R&TV and social
networks in all the countries and languages listed above. The company has a multidisciplinary team, distributed across a network of offices throughout Latin America, providing specific knowledge for each country.

Global News is a member of the Federation Internationale des Bureaux D‘Extrait de Presse (FIBEP); The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC); the Institute for Public Relations (IPR); and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

SocialEyez is a comprehensive resource for monitoring and analyzing social media content, combining the latest technology with linguistic and social media expertise.

With extensive experience in research and analysis and strong multi-lingual social media management teams, SocialEyezTM offers customized solutions and partners with businesses to manage their corporate reputation through comprehensive social media engagement solutions. SocialEyez continues to evolve and align with the changing trends within the sphere of social communities across the web universe.

Buzz Report: Google Plus

July 4, 2011

On June 29th 2011 Search engine giant Google released the Beta (initial version) of its
invite only social media site Google Plus (officially Google+). Reportedly, within six hours of its release the invite feature of the site had to be withdrawn due to an “insane demand” for invites, according to Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra.

Although initial reports were apprehensive due to previous Google failures such as Orkut, Wave and Buzz.  Google plus is currently being hailed as the new “Facebook Killer” by several online magazines and news papers.

The main features of this site are circles, sparks, hangouts and mobile. Circles enables you to share status and info with a certain groups of friends, Sparks enables instant sharing of content much like Google reader , Hangouts enable users to have a real-time video chat and mobile offers a variety of services over the mobile phone such as instant photo upload, group messaging services, location sharing, etc.

There has been a tremendous amount of online chatter on social networks both the in the U.A.E and abroad about the Google Plus.  SocialEyez analysed social media conversations and found that the majority of the population expressed regret that invitations to join Google Plus have stopped  and are sending out requests for people to invite them in Google Plus and a small percentile have expressed concerns over suspected privacy issues in Google Plus.

Initial responses have been positive; Loulou Khazen Baz says that Google Plus could make Twitter the next Myspace (a now defunct social networking site).

What Are People Saying  


Neutral comments

  • “Note to self: never explore new stuff before having coffee, at the moment not enjoying Google+ at all. Will try it again after coffee.”
  • “Google seems to be preparing for a full scale “attack” at Facebook market share with Google+.”

Positive Comments:

  • “I have to admit, with Google Plus, I’m as confused as I was with Facebook when I first tried it. A ‘good-confused’, like this might work.”
  • “Google+ will gobble up both Facebook and Twitter.”
  • “Google+ could make Twitter the next MySpace.”
  • “Checkout the Google plus demo. Man, its awesome!”
  • “I’m not one to bash on twitter, but I have to say twitter kind of lost its spark after using Google+.”

Negative Comments:

  • “Hypothetically speaking, I can see more potential in Microsoft’s Skype becoming a competing social network2facebook than Google with its plus.”
  • “I need someone to invite me into Google+.”
  • “With the initial fuss about Google+ dying down, the real potential for the social system is breaking through.”
  • “What do you guys think of Google+? Another grave we need to dig?”
  • “Be very wary of accepting an invitation to Google+, the people in there seem to enjoy intelligent discussion, not at all social or like Facebook!”

On Blogs:

Mike Loukides:  I don’t think Facebook is quaking in its boots; I do think that Twitter may have more to fear than Facebook. I’ve participated in exactly one huddle on Google Plus: a 3-way video conversation with participants in the US and Europe. It was smooth, cool, easy. No echoes, no long delays, better audio than a cell phone

Chris Brogan: Remember for a moment that Google’s biggest monetary trick is to serve highly targeted ads, what does Google+ platform do to enhance their data set? Hint Lots!!

Sarah Perez: How do we know that Google Plus has really made it? It has its own Facebook page! On this new page, called “Google Plus Help, Tips and Tricks,” liked by a whopping 36 people so far, you can discover links to blog posts and other “tips” shared by Google Plus fans.

Most Discussed Subjects

Some of the top discussions online about Google Plus are:

Facebook killer

A large percentile of the online community has been discussing the pros and cons of Google Plus vs Facebook. Though many of its users hail it as the Facebook killer, many non users are sceptical citing the examples of previous Google social networking failures such as wave and orkut, though most agree that it does have the potential to make Skype and twitter defunct.

Account Please

As Google disallowed sending invites and creating new accounts six hours after the initial release, almost everyone who doesn’t have a account wants one. Email chains have been sent asking for invites into Google Plus, several; marketers have used this opportunity to build up their database by simply posting the message “send me/Post your email here and I’ll send you an invite”. Google employees have reported that they’ve been receiving sever angry emails about the lack of invites into Google Plus.

Security Issues:

A small percentile of the online community have raised concerns about privacy issues on Google Plus, remembering Google Buzz (which had to be completely shut down over privacy issues) many are still not completely convinced that Google Plus offers the same anonymity they Facebook does. Another privacy issue that has been raised is one with the circles function, one can ensure that he/she can share videos, images or status updates with only a friends within the circle, but there so far isn’t a feature that stops the people within the circle from sharing the same with people outside the circle.

Social Snapshot

Daily Buzz Volume

Share of Voice

Top Languages

Sentiment Analysis

Please Note: The facts and figures included in this report have been generated from the
SocialEyez Social Media Monitoring & Analysis Tool.

The numbers reflect the sentiment
and opinions shared by people in the UAE, in languages spoken by the social media communities that thrive here.

Write to us at for more details.

Compiled by SocialEyez Content Team

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