Month: October 2011

Buzz Report: Gaddafi’s death

October 20, 2011

Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi was announced dead following an attack in Sirte. SocialEyez researched user reactions in the MENA region across all social media platforms. All analyzed reactions were captured after the death was confirmed by the NTC.

SocialEyez captured approximately 2800 comments, this total represents the buzz volume generated by users in a span of 3 – 4 hours after NTC confirmation. Over 43% of the total coverage was on Micro-blogs, mainly Twitter. At 3:41pm Al Jazeera English tweeted: “Sources tell Al Jazeera that Muammar #Gaddafi has been captured and is “critically injured” #Libya #moammar.”

During the first half hour mixed opinions were posted on social media:

  • “#gadafi has been killed .. congratulations #arab world”
  • “the man is dead stop making joke about him”
  • “i’m already sick of the gaddafi news coverage. in the past 15 minutes i saw the picture of his dead body 5 times and its still disturbing”
  • “end of an era for #libya: muammar #gaddafi is killed in #sirte”
  • “with all my respect to everyone: gaddafi being snuffed is a reason to celebrate. i will celebrate the death of each and every bloodsucker”

Share of Coverage – by media type

Micro-blogs such as Twitter had the highest share of coverage (43%).


Users from Egypt generated the highest buzz volume (46%). Interestingly users in Libya contributed to only 1% of the total coverage. 61% of the buzz was in English the remaining 39% was in Arabic.

Scope Note:

The search was conducted on all social media platforms across the MENA Region in Arabic and English. For more details and suggestions write to us at

Buzz Report: Steve Jobs

October 15, 2011

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

                                                                    – Steve Jobs –

Undoubtedly, the world has lost a man, who “changed the face of personal computing and consumer electronics in many ways”, a user said.

In the last years personal computing reached a new dimension: people are able to use their mobile devices to communicate via Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Sites. With the development of the iPhone and the iPad Steve Jobs has a huge stake in this new world. The reaction to the news of his death was exceptional, especially on the web. SocialEyez took a closer look at the reactions in the Social Media World in the Middle East Region. The monitoring was conducted for one week starting from October 4th until October 11th.

Daily Volume

When people first heard about Steve Jobs’ death the posts on the Social Web were growing exorbitantly. Starting on the day of his death with approximately 7000 comments the peak was one day later with over 20,000 mentions. Shortly after this the volume dropped rapidly below 5000 comments per day. Majority of the users honored Steve Jobs as a “true leader and icon”, “tremendous visionary” and “genius”.

Share of Voice

89% of the reactions were posted on Micro-blogs such as Twitter. Comments on newspaper articles generated 8% of the total volume and 2% of coverage on Message/Boards and Forums. Many users mentioned his huge success, for example one user wrote “when Steve Jobs returned to Apple 15 years ago, the share price was $5.88. Today it’s at $378.25”. Another person referred to share Jobs’ unbelievable story: “Steve Jobs started Apple with a high school friend in a silicon valley garage in 1976”.

Closer Look: Twitter

On the 6th of September the hashtag “stevejobs” was used more than 400.000 times (Globally) on Twitter (Source TweetLevel). Similar to the Daily Volume Graph the main discussion was during this one day.  53% of the Tweets had the intention to say Thank You and Rest in Peace like the following two examples: ” RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for changing the world in an incredible way” or “RIP Steve Jobs. You leave behind an amazing legacy”.

Regarding this hashtag it is extremely remarkable that and were linked 23,496 respectively 3,143 times. The first one is reminiscent of Steve Jobs with a verse, the second one with a picture of him.

The Commencement Address at Stanford University

At elite universities the commencement address is an honorable tradition in America and Steve Job’s impressing speech is almost historic. Over eleven million people watched it on YouTube and some quotes of the speech were posted as Tweets. The most popular ones were:

  • “you’re time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”
  • “if you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right”
  • “if you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much”
  • “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”
  • “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.

Many users highly recommended to watch the whole speech:


Scope Note

This Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various social media platforms.  The search was conducted on all social media platforms in Arabic and English. The focus of the research was on social media conversations in the Middle East Region and social media trends reflecting the sentiment towards the death of Steve Jobs. For more details write to us at

Buzz Report: New Facebook

October 5, 2011

You would think that changes are good? Surely not always and certainly not when it took place on September 22, 2011; Facebook announced new changes to its platform. Before the official announcement there were numerous speculations and rumors about the kinds of changes Facebook was about to unveil. Pages like TechCrunch, Mashable or Social Media Today had early inside stories about the new timelines and “mysterious” like buttons. All these speculations finally came to an end and Facebook users could experience these new features for themselves. Users verdict:  not instantly happy with it.

While Facebook named it the “evolution of your profile” (Facebook Blog), the majority of users particularly on Twitter seemed less satisfied and called it “too damn complicated” (@michielveenstra) another user stated: “Who cares about new Facebook : we have Twitter FT” (@AbrarMB). Nevertheless in the last week all over the world the spotlight was on Facebook. Social Eyez was especially interested in the reactions of users in the Middle East and North Africa, continue reading for more on our exclusive findings.

Daily Volume

On September 21st 2011 the buzz on Facebook reached its peak with 3500 posts on all social media platforms. This chart also shows the limited time frame of the discussions. Two weeks later in October less than 100 comments were posted.

Share of Voice

Microblogs such as Twitter had the majority of posts (59%). In the total discussion the new changes of Facebook were only represented with 20 percent on Social Networking Sites.

Have a closer Look: Twitter 

According to over 70,000 Tweets only with the hashtag #NewFacebook were postet on September 22nd 2011. Interestingly in this statistic the Buzz was fairly short and only centered on one certain day.

Besides the normal expected phrases used in the discussion, especially the word “fail” stand out, highlighting the general negative tone (source:

This cartoon card was one of the three most shared links on Twitter.


Social Media Conversations


  • “Ok i finally checked my *New* #facebook. It’s severely cool.”
  • “Am i the only one who doesn’t mind, but actually likes the new and upcoming facebook changes?”
  • “I Changed my Facebook to TIMELINE! 😀 HONESTLY It’s DAMN GOOD!”
  • “people don’t complain about the new #facebook you will get used to it soon 😀 I like it :)”


  • “And the reason why I don’t really complain as much as u guys from #NewFacebook is bcoz when I do check it, its usually from mobile.”
  • “Everyone complaining about facebook- Just think what Pac would say.. and thats “Things change, thats just the way it is”


  • “Facebook Is Getting Too Damn Complicated”
  • “I hate the new facebook”
  • “facebook is rushing madness through updates”
  • “Sorry Facebook, you keep saying you’ve changed, but it’s too late. I’m already in love with someone else, her name’s Twitter.”
  • “the “new” Facebook layout is confusing. I find myself avoiding FB because of it.”
  • “Yup, all-new #Facebook design + features… again! Why so much, so soon and all together?”

Scope Note:

This Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various social media platforms.  The search was conducted on all social media platforms in the MENA-Region in Arabic and English language. The focus of the research was on social media conversations and social media trends reflect the sentiment towards the New Facebook. For more details and suggestions write to us at