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Successful B2C Social Media Campaigns in the Middle East

February 19, 2012

Finding the right social media approach for your brand is a crucial point in the marketing strategy of a company. For successful companies the question is not whether they should be using social media or not, but how to do social media the right way. Clear trends show that brands simply can’t afford not to participate in this booming media universe. Last year 82% of all B2C companies were using social media and the numbers continue to increase. For B2B businesses this share was even higher, reaching 86%. Among the most successful brands are companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Red Bull.

(source: Social Bakers)

As part of  the overall social media strategy many companies show a large variety of approaches to get connected and engaged with users online. Especially B2C businesses tend to show creativity in how to get the attention of their online audience. Businesses invest in research and learn from best practices to implement a social media strategy of their own, resulting in either a weak campaign or a winning campaign.

In many cases a successful social media campaign is simply based on a good idea and not a large budget. In this weeks Buzz-Report SocialEyez takes a closer look at few of the most successful social media campaigns with a special focus on the Middle East region:

The Just Falafel Facebook campaign

Concept: On their Facebook page ‘Just Falafel’ launched a campaign encouraging university students to submit a 120 second video on why the fast-food chain should support a specific academic goal. The page titled  ‘Help Us Help You’  offers a free scholarship to the winner who will get full academic tuition with all expenses paid for until a degree is secured. ‘Just Falafel’ puts aside approximately Dh 1.4 million. The campaign started on January 16th and will conclude on February 16th. Mohammed Bitar, founding partner of Just Falafel, explains the concept as: “We couldn’t spend a lot of money on our marketing plans initially and most of our business was generated through social media. Now we feel, it’s time to give back to the people who have helped us become successful”.

(Update: January 23rd)

Buzz: During the last few days the Just Falafel Facebook campaign gained huge social media attention. On Facebook ‘Just Falafel’  reached over 300,000 total “Likes”  and over 45,000 “People talking about this” (last Update February 19th). In just six days (January 23rd to the 29th) the site gained over 25,000 new “Likes”. Regarding user comments, the feed-back is overwhelmingly positive. For example Facebook Fan Ghislaine Justine stated: “I have shared because I believe that every single one of us has at least one talent, sometimes that we are not aware of or have not been able to develop because of financial issues, background, or just circumstances. I applaud initiative such as this. I hope one day I’ll have the cash to offer the same chance to someone out there.” Dubai based Fan Jessica Miranda added: “I think this project r really amazing, God bless to all the people behind this project.” Interestingly some users did not only show their appreciation for the projects but also actively tried to help and convince others to participate. Zeeshan Ramzan from Dubai advices others: “On Just Falafel page on the left corner it says Win a scholarship! go sign up there.”

The Just Falafal campaign is also a good example that a well realized campaign does not have to be limited to social media only. Multiple regional online-newspapers like the Khaleej-Times and gulfnews were reporting as well about the promotion.

The Hyundai UAE Facebook campaign

Concept: With the slogan “The Best Comment Contest”  Hyundai UAE launched its big social media campaign on Facebook. The basic idea consists of users “liking” the page first and then answering the question “Why Hyundai is considered one of the Modern Premium brands?” Every week the best answer with the most votes wins an iPAD2. The campaign is scheduled to run for four months. Khaled Issa, CEO of Hyundai UAE, describes the goal as following: “Strategically, Hyundai UAE wants to increase the awareness about its Premium Brand by engaging its customers and fans through an interactive and a rewarding contest”.

(last Update: January 31st)

Buzz: Compared to the ‘Just Falafel’ competition, the coverage of the Hyundai campaign proceeds relatively slow. Nevertheless the campaign has only just started and will run for three more months.  So far over 10600 users “liked” the page with 2100 users “Talking about this” (last Update February19th). The launch of the campaign was also posted in some online-newspapers such as albawaba and gulftoday.

The user conversations on the Facebook page itself were mainly about regulations and terms of conditions of participating in the promotion. User Abu Hassan asks: “Can you show me the steps how to do the invitation?” while Facebook fan Dennis Riverda complains about the rules how winners are selected: “Hyundai Admin – good morning..I am a supporter of the leading contestant in your I like contest, since yesterday we were campaigning for them but their score is not moving? why is that so? please answer.. thanks..”


As a conclusion for these two examples, the power and influence of social media campaigns becomes evidently visible. Many a times a good concept with the right rewards has the power to trigger a lot of attention. And this attention does not have to be limited to social media only. The examples highlight that well penetrated campaigns might even skip over to local newspaper sites and other media platforms. The key to success is not only a good idea but also a well organized implementation strategy. In the two cases described above the social media team of the brands were responding quickly, providing ample information and creating a space to communicate.

Scope Note:

The Buzz Report monitors trends and themes that recently buzzed on various social media platforms. This explicit search focused on the two social media campaigns from Just Falafel and Hyundai UAE. The mentioned posts and comments were captured during January 2012.

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