Month: September 2012

TRES CUARTOS and GLOBALNEWS® (SocialEyez) Winners of two EIKON PRIZES 2012

September 26, 2012



Un milagro para Altamira” ( A Miracle for Altamira)  case won 2 Eikon prizes in the following categories: Social Media Campaign and Communication in Political Campaigns.

Buenos aires, September. On August 30th the Eikon awards winners for excellence in institutional communication were announced in the following categories: General, Small and Medium Businesses, NGO and Regional. GLOBALNEWS GROUP (SocialEyez) and TRES CUARTOS COMUNICACIÓN were selected among 188 case studies by an honorable jury of experts in communication.

“We are very proud of these awards which are our 4th and 5th Eikon prizes. We want to thank the jury for the recognition of our work in political and business communication”, said Eduardo Reina, TRES CUARTOS COMUNICACIÓN CEO. On the other hand, María Laura Garcia, President of GLOBALNEWS GROUP and SocialEyez Latin America said: “This is a clear example of the current impact of social media and of the importance of considering them strategically when developing communicational plans”.

In August 2011 Eduardo Reina, TRES CUARTOS COMUNICACIÓN CEO and María Laura Garcia, President of GLOBALNEWS GROUP and SocialEyez Latin America with its social media monitoring and analysis service joined forces to work in the analysis and quantification of the open, primary, concurrent and compulsory elections and on how the political party with the lowest budget, led by Jorge Altamira, was becoming an unmatched case. Renowned Argentinean radio journalists launched the hashtag: #unmilagroparaaltamira in favor of the left wing political party participating of the October 2011 general president elections. Not only did they help Altamira become a candidate of the elections but in a few days made him be part of the local and international press agenda.

About TRES CUARTOS COMUNICACIÓN: year after year the company is awarded by its works in institutional, political and radio communication. The prizes include more than 10 medals in THE NEW YORK FESTIVALS and the 2012 Eikon prize for excellence in institutional communication. Tres Cuartos is a modern and flexible organization which is up to what the future will bring thanks to the newest institutional and political communication strategies and provides consulting services with solutions on business and government communications. With more than 10 years in the market, the company also offers audiovisual content production for an entire TV or radio program, institutional videos or spots. What distinguishes Tres Cuartos and its programs is the quality of its content, its experience, the credibility of its journalists and the expertise of all the producers and communicational team.

About GlobalNews® Group is a media monitoring and analysis company founded in 1998. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with offices in 17 countries in Latin America, GlobalNews® Group covers more than 15.000 publications. It also counts with alliances in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia allowing it to provide coverage in 60 countries in 12 languages translated into Spanish, English and Portuguese. SocialEyez™ is part of GlobalNews® Group and providessocial mediamonitoring and analysis service with coverage in more than 60 countries. SocialEyez™ is not only another automatic content aggregator, but provides a better understanding on the public opinion and consumer trends at a global level, thanks to experts on the subject that efficiently identify, monitor, file and analyze the most relevant social media content in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, among other languages. Unlike the simple and automated internet tools, such as Goggle searches, RSS feeds and the conventional services of data aggregators, SocialEyez™ uses a state-of-the-art technology to compile and save data and human know-how to efficiently gather, analyze and file a wide range of content from all platforms and channels. GlobalNews® Groupis member of FIBEP (Federation Internationale Des Bureaux D’Extraits De Presse), AMEC (Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication), IPR (Institute for Public Relations in USA) and PRSA (Public Relations Society).


A Global perspective on the US Presidential Elections 2012

September 18, 2012

This week’s buzz report focuses on the US Elections the report integrates traditional media insights from around the world with the help of Salience/Report International our sister company and SocialEyez’s social media insights.

Here’s a snippet of our findings…

The US Election 2012 is speculated with-in the US and across the globe, the above chart shows the amount of buzz generated across various countries in the Middle-East.

Click below for the full report:

Social Media Measurement Workshop

September 13, 2012

For the first time in the Region, SocialEyez is proud to present a workshop and interactive discussion surrounding the imperative topic of

‘Social Media Measurement’