Month: November 2014

How Facebook’s 10-year plan affects your business

November 30, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg has a 10-year plan. His grand vision begins with you receiving the message; in fact it’s his very first priority. The Facebook CEO revealed this during the third quarter conference call with investors held in October. This plan is laid out on two important pillars – short-term goals and long-term achievements, trying to incorporate the best of all worlds on Facebook. The goals are concrete; beginning with growth amongst the multiple properties owned by Facebook, moving towards increased collaboration between its messaging services for creating a whole new user experience and lastly, the rise of Oculus Rift. How practical these goals prove to be is a thing of the future, but the important question to be raised here is – How do these goals affect brands and business that are on a crunch for triumph on the platform. Continue reading