Month: March 2015

Dubai’s Next Big Thing

March 16, 2015


Two decades ago, Dubai was but a sand castle. Over the recent times, it has startled the world with its audacious constructions and flamboyant establishments. The city has overcome its past, enhanced its present and now it’s on the path to creating the future.  Continue reading

What it’s like to be in Social Media

March 10, 2015


Spoiler: We don’t FACEBOOK all day.

We spend most part—maybe all—of our day on Social Media, springing from platform to platform, scheduling posts, strategizing ahead and keeping up with our klients (Yes, I went there). From worrying endlessly about Facebook’s organic reach regression to enlightening my clients on what really happens after you ‘follow’ people on Twitter and spending my time Instagramming through dinner (and consequentially making it cold), I’ve come to realize – Social Media is NOT just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Continue reading