Month: July 2018

#SocialSpeak – Facebook’s Big Loss, Twitter Apps and YouTube Hashtags

July 31, 2018

It’s getting worse for Facebook, as their shares fell recently and a mainstay across most social networks is finally coming to YouTube. Let’s delve in to the biggest highlights from across the world of social media in the past week.

$119bn wiped off Facebook’s market cap overnight

Facebook shares plunged 19% on Thursday, wiping off more than $119bn of Facebook’s market value. A day after the social behemoth revealed that 3 million users in Europe had abandoned the social network since the Cambridge Analytica breach of 87m Facebook profiles and the introduction of strict European Union data protection legislation.

To put things into context, the loss is 4 times the market worth of Twitter and close enough to that of McDonald’s.

Snapchat to syndicate videos shows on Discover

Complex Network’s hit show “Sneaker Shopping”, will soon start appearing on Snapchat Discover. The show that has racked up more than 320 million video views predominantly on YouTube, follows the debut of the series “Hot Ones”.

This news marks Snapchat’s entry into syndicated video content, a shift from their policy to focus on original content programming. The vertical four-minute version of the show will start appearing on Discover every week.

Twitter removes 143,000 apps from the platform

Twitter announced new developer requirements to protect the platform, citing the words Health, Civility, Transparency and Accountability to describe their company directive. Twitter removed access for 143,000 apps. The apps reportedly violated Twitter’s privacy policy.

In addition to the ban, Twitter has relaunched their registration process. The new process means policy checks will be run on all new apps to reduce spam and other malicious endeavours.

YouTube finally gets in on the Hashtag action

It seemed like forever, but hashtags in YouTube titles and descriptions are now finally clickable. This feature which is reportedly only available on Android and the Web, for now, will let you enter #tags in the search bar and YouTube will deliver a results page showing the top videos with the tag.

YouTube has also specifically advised against adding hashtags that contain hate speech, are unrelated to your content, misleading or meant to harass or humiliate someone.

As we head towards the tail end of the year, the social media landscape is sure to change at every turn, keep updated by following #SocialSpeak every week!

Facebook’s New Transparency Tool and Real-time Connections Storming Instagram

July 22, 2018

New Ad Transparency tool rolls out on Facebook

In order to increase ad transparency, Facebook has launched a new tool which allows people to see ads being run on any page at any time. An article stated, “For the first time, Facebook users and marketers have access to full insight into what pages are promoting across their channels. That’s groundbreaking”.

This new update has a lot of positives for marketers on Facebook. Other than it being super easy to access and having the option to filter ads by country, this new tool allows companies to look at what their competitors are doing. That of course is huge, as all of company’s paid ads and strategy will be visible. Hence, that could inspire you to start promoting the same way and possibly win over customers, or it could inspire you to take a different route entirely.

Other than understanding your competitors’ target market and budget behind the ads, you can see how many ads they’re running, how many Facebook Ad variations they’re testing, and what products they are promoting.

This new tool allows companies to build trust with their audience. With competition being stressful, and knowing that competitors, customers, current or prospective, could be watching, it should give you the push to go that extra mile and show your utmost potential.


Instagram activates the green dot

From Facebook to LinkedIn, Snapchat and many more, real-time connections has become the main engagement focus on all social media platforms. When people know that they can send a message and have it seen by the recipient immediately, it encourages engagement. Instagram has stepped up to the active status notifiers feature and now shows a green dot next to active connections.

This feature is not a broad-ranging connection tool. The green dot indicator only shows up to individuals you are connected with or have direct messages with. This new update helps businesses get more engagement with people they have already established a connection with. When a customer sees that a brand they follow and previously messaged is online, it could highly drive them to start another conversation and ask about a new product or offer, however, they will expect a quick response.

An article stated, “For brands to use this, you could prompt users to connect via DM so that they can see when you’re active in future, helping them to get a real-time response from your business for ongoing queries”. This small but interesting update will certainly bring more engagement on the Instagram app.


Emoji responses to Instastories

Over the years the use of emoji reactions have increased on Facebook and now they are working on rolling them out on Instagram Stories. This minor, yet very important feature will be great for businesses to get more engagement from their customers and followers. With followers being able to react to stories, it helps brands and businesses analyse what their followers like to see, what they would most likely want to see more of, and what is just not working for them.

As you can see in this article, individuals will be able to watch a story and react to it by clicking on the smiley face on the bottom left. The emoji reaction will then be sent to your DM. Once the new feature gets activated all around, brands will definitely get more engagement and they will be able to understand the wants and needs of their followers much better.


Whether there are minor or major social media changes, we have you covered! Stay tuned for our weekly #SocialSpeak post!

#Socialspeak: Instagram, the One-Stop Shop Powerhouse

July 9, 2018

As was reported by #SocialSpeak, Instagram has expanded their applications’ services to include a platform for lengthier videos. Previously, users were able to upload videos of up to a minute in length. Just this last month, users are now able to post vertical videos of up to an hour long. The feature is built into their application, and can be found on the top right of your screen, the icon being a little television. It is also a stand-alone app that users can access independently from the Instagram application. “IGTV is Instagram’s first foray into long-length videos and according to Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, it was made to be simple.” Continue reading

#SocialSpeak: Facebook, I need to talk to you

July 1, 2018

Results of a recent international study have delivered some shocking results, and highlights the cracks in social media’s foundation. For the first time in quite a while, a lot of social media users are logging off, deleting their accounts and opting out of social media for more traditional information services and means of socialising.   Continue reading