SOCIALEYEZ is a digital engagement agency, our core purpose is to empower organizations to build more meaningful relationships with their target audience. By combining an understanding of client objectives with our understanding of user behavior, SOCIALEYEZ implements digital engagement strategies that increase the level and quality of engagement.

Our clients vary across sectors including banking, automotive, FMCGs, retail, hospitality and government. Examples of our clients include Canon, Henkel, Philips, Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Etisalat, HSBC, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Tim Hortons, Mazda, and Turkish Airlines. See what our clients had to say.

SOCIALEYEZ launched in 2010 as a social media insights agency and since has evolved its offerings to become a digital engagement agency. We employ over 120 team members across three countries, Dubai being our HQ with branches in Cairo & Casablanca. The agency maintains a number of strategic alliances and partnerships with global industry leaders such as LinkedIn and Hootsuite.


SOCIALEYEZers are driven by the same set of four core values: Passion, Creativity, Strategic thinking and Proactivity. At SOCIALEYEZ, we pride ourselves in creating an exceptional work experience conducive to creativity, innovation and strategic thinking. You can expect a zero office-politics culture that is demanding yet fun and collaborative.

Tarek Esper

Managing Director

Tarek Esper, has been in the social media industry for 5 years , managing big governmental and commercial accounts , responsible for creating conventional and appealing content which enables clients reach their target audience. Tarek has managed social media for leading brands such as Sony, Philips and Nissan.

Ambreen Kazi

Creative Director

A visual thinker and a dreamer; Ambreen is a multidisciplinary-always ready for new challenges. A Graphic design & Advertising graduate from AUS, Ambreen is a creative problem-solver and loves all things digital. Having 9 years of hands-on creative experience in the UAE across various sectors – Governments, FMCG, Fashion, Banking & Retail, Ambreen has an in‐depth understanding of the digital communications & advertising industry. With an expertise in creative conceptualizing, she leads a team of creative forces at SOCIALEYEZ to set the visual tonalities of the region’s biggest brands and organizations.

Mohamed Amer

Associate Director

A Computer Engineer with a keen technology interest since the rise of the internet. Fell in love with Social media back in 2010 and how it develops businesses performance. Started his professional career in 2011 managing multinational brands like Heinz, Reebok, General Electric, Mercedes-benz, Warner Bros. and Kidzania. Specialized in crafting creative digital strategies, concept development, mapping customer journeys and providing leadership on emerging trends and best practices. He have a Passion for social media psychology, e-commerce and user online behavior.

Jacob Zawaq

Head of Social Media Marketing, Morocco

Jacob ZawaQ has over 10 years of digital marketing experience and is currently Head of Social Media Marketing at SOCIALEYEZ Morocco. With a degree in Multimedia & Video Production, many years of agency experience and his own Photography start-up under his belt, Jacob is passionate about delivering innovative, strategic marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results. Jacob is also a photographer and he is in the top 10 celebrities in Morocco.

Ahmed Salah

CCM Team Leader

Ahmed is currently leading CCM team utilizing his copywriting, editing, localization and leadership skills to create an awesome social media content can reach to our targeted audience and achieve the required engagement and objectives.  He has also a considerable experience in multiple branches of media such as journalism & media monitoring. He has worked as media monitoring team leader, monitoring local and international newspapers, newswires and news websites with special focus on GCC –related news. He was responsible for the daily media reports submitted to a number of government sectors.

Ala’a Abdulrazek

Sr. Account Manager

A Social media professional. Self-motivated, organized, detail oriented and a team player. Alaa has developed her knowledge in social media through various channels mainly is Social media customer care along with consumer behavior and project management.

Dania Safadi

Account Executive

Dania is a fast learner and dedicated individual who graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a degree in Design Management and Marketing. She is currently an Account Executive at SOCIALEYEZ handling multiple accounts. Her passion to learning is what keeps her motivated at all times.

Himgauri Sansare

Design Lead

Innovative design and aesthetics have always been her forte. With over 5 years of professional experience in this undying Universe of the Digital field, her mind is a Pandora of visual designs. She holds Diploma in Visual Communication Arts and Diploma in Advanced Computer Arts.

Faiq Naseem

Application Developer

Faiq Naseem, has been in web & social media industry for over 4 years. Built applications for global brands and government organizations. He is a instant learner who is always keen to dive into latest technologies and proven ability to be able to meet deadlines. Faiq is engaged in high quality end-to-end applications development, that includes architecting, coding, implementing and maintaining responsive, robust and state-of-the-art modern applications. Currently holding position of application developer at SOCIALEYEZ and pursuing Master’s degree in Software Engineering from SZABIST University.

Hajar Bourri

Account Executive

Hajar Bourri is currently an Account Executive at SOCIALEYEZ.She’s a Paris-Sorbonne IV university’s Graduate, with a diploma in Modern literature, minored in  Infomation and communication. Trilingual, Data-driven and a creative person, She’s passionate about the creation process in Social media and the Digital Marketing industry.She’s working on launching her own youtube channel soon.

Heena Mak

Sr. Account Executive

Heena Mak is a Journalism Major. With a love for literature and all things beauty, she is always seeking out the next best thing. She specializes in creating engaging content and campaigns for Beauty, Fashion and F&B clients.

Hikmat Hatab

Account Manager

Hikmat is an Account Manager with 3+ years of experience at SocialEyez. She is known for her charisma and positive thinking at work. She completed her B.A in Advertising at the University of Minnesota, USA and quickly got her feet wet in the social media industry. Her passion for writing and engaging in the online realm was a spot-on with her experience in managing various clients in the community. She was able to hone her skill set very quickly. Her most amazing social media moment is watching a client’s followers increase at a crazy speed during a competition she managed for them.

Mais Sartawi

Traffic Manager

Mais Sartawi is currently the Traffic Manager at SocialEyez with Bachelor Degree in Principles of Financial Management from Alain University of Science & Technology, class of 2010. Mais is holding more than 4 years experience in Social Media and Digital Advertising in the region, managed different accounts from global fashion brands/industry to governmental sectors including USAbilAraby. Mais is Jordanian, has been living in UAE her whole life and currently in the process publishing her first book which is based on a life journey she have been through!

Noor Amhaz

Creative Designer

Since highschool, it was clear to Noor Amhaz that she was leaning more towards creativity rather than logic. Today, she is more than ready to conqueur the creative world. She has gone through ups and downs in her early career years, but finally managed to work through and find her true passion. She is now a SOCIALEYEZ creative designer working closely with clients such as Syoss, New Balance GCC, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Coldstone and many more. She makes sure that most of her clients are satisfied with the creative daily content visuals shared in all their digital platforms and comes up with digital campaign ideas.

Paul de Bruin

Digital Solutions Manager

Paul is a young Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing evangelists with over 5 years experience working in Digital Media within the UAE. A passion for Business Development, engaging Social Media, Digital Strategy, effective Integrated Communications, and innovative Creativity that lead to business solutions.

Sadah Chanti

Content Specialist, Jordan

Over 5 years experiene in Social Media with Social- Eyez along with creative content creation skills. Holds a Bachelor degree in MIS & a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Has the skill to work underpressure on multiple tasks. Problem solver, quick learner, team player & a happy positive employee.

Sara Naji El Ayoubi

Sr. Creative Designer

Creativity, broad imagination, a fresh young attitude, she’s got them all. Sara is known to be precise, technical and artistic and is inspired by everything in her environment and her society. A creative designer to whom hours of hard work mean nothing as she is spending them with passion.

Umair Iqbal

Creative Designer

Umair Iqbal, working in the media industry for 4 years, with a prime focus on Image Production, photography and Digital Designs.

Yasmin Badruddin

Account Executive

Yasmin Badruddin got her B.A in Business Administration concentration in Quality Management from AlYamamah University,Riyadh, KSA. She has excellent English & Arabic writing and reading skills and is moderate in French. She is now working with Real Estate and Semi Governmental entities and has previously worked with Influencers. Yasmin is from Saudi Arabia and lives in Dubai. Currently, she is learning Game Design and App development”

Yasmin Khrais

Account Manager

Yasmin is a bicultural social and digital media marketer with over 5 years experience in the field. She is passionate about connecting brands to their audiences by using data and by providing valuable insights in to both the Western individualistic and Arab collectivistic societies and mindsets. She has worked with several international and local clients such as P&G, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Emaar Hospitality Group.

Zaheer Abbas

Financial Analyst

Zaheer Abbas, Chartered Accountant (ACA) with over 4.5 years of experience in Finance, Audit and Risk Assurance, Taxation and Financial Advisory Services. Previously he has worked with KPMG (one of Big 4 audit firms).

Zeena Kurd

Jr. Account Manager

Zeena is currently a Jr. Account Manager at SOCIALEYEZ handling multiple accounts. Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and over 5 years of experience in visual and digital communications as well as startup acceleration. Wants an installled swing instead of a desk.

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Socialbakers - We've been working with Socialbakers for many years, using their tools to help measure client performance across social media. Dozens of clients have opted to use the SocialBakers anlaysis tools and rely on SOCIALEYEZ for actionable recommendations based on the insights they get.

Hootsuite - SOCIALEYEZ is the Hootsuite preferred partner in the Middle East. We've partnered with Hootsuite to collaborate on digital transformation projects where clients need technology from Hootsuite and professional services from SOCIALEYEZ,

CARMA - As a sister company, SOCIALEYEZ works closely with CARMA to fullfil in-depth client monitoring & insights requirements from across all media types virtually worldwide.

Leedfeeder - Leedfeeder helps SOCIALEYEZ B2B clients to track which companies are visiting there sites, how they found them and what they’re interested in.

Linkedin - As a LinkedIn preferred partner, SOCIALEYEZ works closely with LinkedIn clients that require expertise in developing and implementing strategies utilizing LinkedIn solutions.

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