who we are


SOCIALEYEZ is an award-winning, full-service digital agency where strategy meets creativity, and innovation is a way of life. We are committed to helping businesses navigate the ever-changing landscapes of the online world and emerge victorious.

At our core; we are fueled by passion, where every pixel and every line of code is crafted with unwavering enthusiasm. Creativity is not just a department; it’s the soul that breathes life into every project we undertake. But we’re not just dreamers; we’re strategic thinkers armed with the foresight to navigate the intricate pathways of the digital realm.

Our talented team of 258+, spread across UAE, LEBANON and EGYPT is a collective force, a powerhouse of skills and knowledge redefining digital excellence. The sky, for us, is not the limit; it’s the canvas upon which we paint our boundless ambitions. We thrive on pushing boundaries, embracing risks, and turning challenges into triumphs.

Our clients span across a diverse spectrum of industries because innovation knows no bounds. Innovation, researching, and analyzing data are the engines that drive our continuous evolution. We are perpetual learners, decoding the language of data to devise strategies that not only stand the test of time but redefine it.

For us, challenges are opportunities, risks are rewards, and the digital canvas our playground. Together, let’s craft not just strategies but stories, not just ideas but award-winning experiences. In our world, success is not a destination; it’s a journey, and we invite you to embark on it with us.

Company timeline

From simple beginnings to a dominant force in the ever evolving digital media landscape, the SOCIALEYEZ story continues. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past few years. Find out more about where we came from and where we’re headed.