Adapt or Die: The Social Media World is Changing, and We Should Keep Up

November 26, 2017

Adapt or Die: The Social Media World is Changing, and We Should Keep Up

Another week, another #SocialSpeak blogpost, bringing you all the latest trends from the world of social media.

The internet has been buzzing with new trends these past few weeks. Major changes are taking place on the platforms we love; from new monetisation policies to tools where you can make your own Buzzfeed quiz, there are new things to suit every taste.

  1.      Run..Hide..It’s the Adpocalypse

YouTube has changed its monetisation policies in such a drastic way that YouTubers have labeled it an Adpocalypse. Those whose livelihoods depended on the ad money they got from monetising their videos have been facing a lot of problems getting their money because of the fact that YouTube is now using machine learning to demonetise videos.

When the radical group Hezbollah posted videos that promote terrorism and PewDiePie, aka Felix, it was time to take action.

This led advertisers to be too scared to post their ads on YouTube lest they be associated with any videos of the kind, and so, to prevent advertisers from pulling their content, they came up with a new machine that flagged videos that were thought to be offensive or violent.

This machine, however, is not nearly perfect and so it demonetised a lot of videos that were in no conflict with the policies of the site, leading a lot of content creators to lose a lot of money.

  1.     The #MeToo Movement. The Reclaiming of Female Power.

This year presented a change in the way women perceive themselves, their power and their voice. Over the past few weeks, women from every industry have been coming out about the harassment they faced in the workplace and in other situations.

Using the “power in numbers” method very efficiently, and prompted by actress Alyssa Milano, women started using #MeToo, telling their stories from early childhood to things that happen to them on a daily basis.

This movement has lead to many things like firing key figures in many industries that have sexually harassed a number of women, making new policies that protect women in many ways and generally raising awareness against sexual harassment across the globe.

  1.      NaNoWriMo…No That’s Not Gibberish.

With another November comes a beautiful tradition that is held dearly by many across the globe. No, we’re not talking about No Shave November, actually we think we should eradicate it, but more on that later. We’re talking about National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, writers from every corner of the world roll up their sleeves to write 50,000 words in 30 days. It does sound like an impossible feat, but people have done it successfully for years, bringing us masterpieces like “Gone Girl” and “Water For Elephants”, which were both adapted into million dollar blockbusters.

The tradition is meant to give writers a sense of purpose, and a deadline, something a lot of writers sorely need. It also provides a sense of community, with writers doing virtual meetups on twitter, writing sprints and logging in word counts everyday on their NaNoWriMo profiles.

  1.      You Can Now Make Your Own BuzzFeed Quiz…for Real.

We’ve all been down the BuzzFeed rabbit hole, where we’d answer quiz after quiz after quiz and find out we’re a Chandler who’s a Hobbit from House Ravenclaw while the world goes by around us.

Well, now, we can make those time consuming quizzes and submit them to BuzzFeed. If they like it enough, they post it on their website for the world to see, and answer. It’s a new fun way to see if you can write up a quiz as fun as the ones you lose your days to.

Which of these trends are you excited about?  

Stay tuned for next week’s post on latest social media trends.









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