#SocialSpeak: These Slips are Killing Your Business on Social Media

May 15, 2018

Social media channels are the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to syndicate content and increase business’ visibility. Implementing a social media strategy will greatly increase your brand recognition since you will be engaging with a broader audience of consumers. Read more to know how you can avoid them to increase your brand recognition!

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#SocialSpeak: Augmented Reality – Shaping User Experience

March 18, 2018


What you see is no longer what you get.

With new techs coming up every day, the human brain is no longer satisfied with reality, and would rather create its own. People have their phones on them all day (and all night), and now they can change the world around by looking through their small screens.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the digital overlaying of information on an image through the use of technology. It is also virtual reality’s lesser-known cousin, taking the real world, and changing or adding to it. While VR is a total immersion experience, AR is more grounded and less intrusive.

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