Weekly, monthly or quarterly analysis reports custom built to your objectives. Our trained analysts will select the most relevant qualitative & quantitative metrics based on your objectives. Your reports will be compiled using a combination of automated and manual tools to ensure comprehensive & accurate results. Given we’re an integrated agency our reports can go beyond analysis to include key recommendations on how to address opportunities or challenges you have. Our analysis is done by analysts while recommendations are given by members of our Engagement team, they are two separate teams with different management and expertise. Examples of the reports we offer: Social Media Audit, Consumer Perception Analysis, Competitor Intelligence, Engagement Performance.


Round the clock or daily alerts curated, filtered & reported in the format that matches your objectives. Clients across sectors rely on us to alert them in near real-time whenever they’re mentioned across social media platforms. Our alerts include negative mentions, influencer mentions, crisis indicators, sales opportunities, and customer queries.


Web-based, PDF or PPT dashboards displaying the key analytics you need. Typically our dashboards are designed to be read & understood by executives in under 5 minutes, they provide you with the essential social media analytics you need on an ongoing basis.


Our teams regularly test tools from all over the world to handpick those that generate the most comprehensive coverage and accurate analysis including in Arabic. We’re a technology agnostic agency that uses best of breed tools for each client based on the unique requirements of that specific project.


A state-of-the-art multi-screen display system that tells the story of your social data, in real-time. Whether through a mobile app or through live screens in your office your team will be able to monitor social conversations across the world in multiple languages and view real time analysis. Our DSC Unit has the expertise build your command center from A-Z including infrastructure, hardware and team training.