Messenger Bots


Messenger Bots help brands take customer service to a new level and automate conversations using AI-based technology to answer questions, give recommendations and even drive sales, right from the Facebook Messenger app.

Our team will understand which messages your Messenger Bot should communicate to your fans making sure they match your brand identity and then our team of developers will build, test and deliver your Messenger Bot in less than a week.


Increase your brand’s visibility by creating structured templates and flowcharts to engage your customers using text, photos, videos and call to actions.

Once a customer subscribes to your Messenger Bot, you’ll be able to share what’s important with them using timely updates on your offers and news.


Before we start development, we’ll understand your customer service strategy and conceptualize how your Messenger Bot  should communicate with your fans. We will also brainstorm together as to what messages your Messenger Bot should broadcast to your fans on a regular basis, from new offers to updates.

After understanding what your Messenger Bot should communicate to your fans, our developers will conceptualize optimum scenarios, structured templates & guided menus.

Our content & creative teams will develop & implement the visual identity and the tonality of replies, making sure it matches your brand’s persona.

Our team of developers will build and activate your Messenger Bot after thorough testing of every scenario possible.

Your Account Manager will work with the development team to activate the broadcasting of messages to your fans.


Get inspired by taking a look at how some of the top brands use Messenger Bots.