Our People

Meet our extraordinary team! A powerhouse of social media and digital experts uniting to form the most dynamic multicultural agency of our time. Bound by our core values – Real, Love & Drive – we are not just a team; we’re industry innovators reshaping the digital landscape. With diverse expertise and a collective commitment to excellence, we have paved our own pathway of success. Join us on a journey where boundaries fade, creativity knows no borders and success is made possible. Allowing us to Create No Matter What.

Our Management Team

Tarek Esper

Managing Director

Ambreen Kazi

Creative Director

Hassan Abbas

Director of Special Projects

Hagar Mahmoud

Head of Social

Cassie Bell Misri

Associate Director - Business Development

Alaa Abdulrazek​

Head of Operations

John Maher

Motion Graphics Director

Elio El Chayeb

Head of Production