March 11, 2020


Stepping out of the common social media platforms world, we are digging into Instagram’s little sister App, VSCO; the wildly popular visual editing app where posting your work gives way for a like-minded community of creators to revel in.

What particularizes the approach of the minds behind VSCO is their notion of complementing the known social giants, rather than competing with them.


For years, users have been wanting VSCO to include video editing alongside photo editing. And now that they have, they are going all in.

Building on their mission of sheer self-expression and falling in love with one’s own creativity, comes their latest addition of editing tools: Montage.


Montage is the first-ever multimedia creation tool enabling you to design and layer in various combinations of stills and videos fashioning a unique collage-like video. The dynamic visual storytelling adventure is described as a blank canvas allowing total freedom in creative expression.

The power of Montage distinguishes itself from other comparable tools by the absence of limiting features; there are no templates and no starter packs. This is a raw and uninhibited tool, allowing more unique and personal scenic content that stands out in feeds.


It starts in no other than your own VSCO Studio. The first step is choosing an aspect ratio – square, landscape, portrait – as the canvas. Then, you proceed by adding multiple photos and videos from your Camera Roll and finish off by trial and error in stitching scenes together to bring your visual story together.

The cool thing? There is no limit to the number of scenes you add to the video, thus giving you total freedom regarding the length of the film. The only restriction is of two minutes or less videos if you’re posting to the VSCO feed itself.


Previously available easy video editing platforms consisted of computer-based programs granting scenes manipulation, such as iMovie or Moviemaker.

With VSCO, all you need is your phone, your fingers and your imagination. You can create works of art the likes of which you have never been able to create on a smartphone or tablet before.


Although free VSCO users will have the chance to play with this new feature, only subscribed users will have access to save and post a completed Montage video on VSCO or off-platform.

If you ask us, $19.99 is a rather fair price to pay considering the asset Montage brings to the table, and that’s leaving out the rest of the perks paying customers benefit from.


As its own version of a simple, stripped-down social network where ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ are a mythology, VSCO never ceases to provide a sense of belonging to its community. 

It’s time we gave the smaller players a chance.

Montage is not the first, nor the last, type of feature wished by consumers and granted by VSCO. Who knows, maybe on the next update they will add a feature allowing us to throw music into the mix.

Stay tuned for more social media snippets with our weekly #SocialSpeak blog.

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