Royal wedding sets social-media records

May 1, 2011

SocialEyez reports more activity around Will and Kate wedding than for Japan earthquake or Egyptian uprising with Egypt being the top contributor from the Middle East region.

The links on official website for the Royal Wedding were constantly updated as they featured the latest videos, photos on YouTube and Flickr respectively; in addition to the frequent posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.

Facebook released some numbers about the Royal Wedding that says a lot about what people were saying about the event.

Americans on Facebook were way more excited about the wedding than their British counterparts, with 1.953 million US users posting updates about it compared to 1.004 million in Britain.

Facebook users were concentrated on fashion and celebrity in their status updates, with David Beckham, the wedding dress and Princess Beatrice’s crazy hat all getting a lot of buzz on the site.

In fact, as of time of writing, over101,411 people are fans of “Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal Wedding hat.”

SocialEyez monitored millions of conversations on various social media platforms and found that Egypt was the only Arab country to capture a spot in the list of countries that discussed the Royal Wedding on the internet.

Egypt is gradually carving a niche for itself as the social media capital of the Middle East, the country ranked 14th in the list.

Some Facts

  • Sentiment was mostly positive (58%). 24% of tweets registered as neutral, and 18% were negative
  • 64% of tweets came from women, versus 36% from men
  • Mentions of the #RoyalWedding hashtag topped 1 million by mid-ceremony
  • 42% of all Royal Wedding-related tweets came from 39% came from mobile devices.
  • Top hashtags include #royalwedding, #rw2011 (the official Royal Wedding hashtag), #royalwedding!, #rw11, and #bodareal (Spanish for “#royalwedding”)

By SocialEyez Content Team