#SocialSpeak Explores Transformative Storytelling

December 24, 2018

In last week’s edition of #SocialSpeak, we assessed the social repercussions of the transformative product. All of the rage in the modern-day market, products are coming out that entice consumers to commit to a change in behaviour. And a product is not released, does not exist, if it is not paraded on social media.

This week’s #SocialSpeak asks how, in this period of digital transformation, we can be more present and conscious while online. How can brands and users alike authentically tell a story via online platforms? Below are some points from Social Media Week in London that SOCIALEYEZers recently attended. Keep reading for a how-to on authentic storytelling in the modern age.

Logging on is more than just a click. Online presence is a very important facet to users, and knowing how to present yourself is key to propagating your product, vision, and beliefs. Below are some pointers to take into consideration when sharing your story across social media.

Democratisation of Storytelling: In the digital era, every story has space. Anyone with a cell phone can, in seconds, get a firm message out, and the entire world is their audience. The age of identity has come to stay, and it is raw, real, and true life stories that are being embraced. Influencers are losing their edge as the real and unique personalities of Generation Z are being embraced.

Why audiences love a good story: There’s nothing quite like a good story to send your mind adrift. And audiences, when presented with an attention-grabbing, heart-warming, serotonin-inducing story, will definitely want to come back for more. A vital part of telling a good story is sharing with your audience the everlasting experience. By weaving your story in with your audiences’ personal experiences, you are able to construct new experiences together, and there’s nothing quite like human connection.

People vs Brand vs Influencer: Nowadays, simplicity is more. The days of condensed content that bombards the audience have come to an end, replaced by subtlety, simplicity, and grace. This shifting ecosystem has spread to all levels of the consumer totem pole, from the people, to the influencer, to the brand. Repeat after me: simple concept, simple execution.

Prejudiced Storytelling: This one is pretty straight-forward, and should be upheld in all interactions, online and offline. Online is trickier, because one word can flip your whole message around. Generation Z is a pretty conscious and inclusive generation, and they will not stand for anything otherwise. Inclusive storytelling makes for more innovation, a richer society, and a diverse economy, so what’s not to love?

– 5 Touch Points for Designing Narrative: Repeat after me: identity. Authentic storytelling comes from touching on the topics that make us so uniquely us! Here are 5 launching points for an authentic narrative.

1. Culture

2. Identity

3. Ambitions

4. Preferences

5. Intellect

How To: Thumb-Stopping Storytelling: A good story is the greatest tool, and has the power to transform the way we understand the world and our role in it. It’s all about exploring the sides that stay in the dark, and basking them in light.

All in all, it’s about being real in this world that is not short on fake news, fake ads, and fake friends. Stay true, organic, and focused on your brand and purpose. Rather than a monologue, make it a dialogue, showing your audience that you value personal communication. Explore and create new ways of storytelling. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

#SocialSpeak signing off ‘til next week.