#SocialSpeak: Facebook Tests a New Video Option to Boost Engagement and Views

April 23, 2018

Facebook is working on adding a new video option which aims to boost engagement by enabling creators and publishers to post pre-recorded videos within the Facebook live setting. This new process would give approved publishers the opportunity to broadcast pre-recorded content through what’s essentially Facebook live, and the videos would be tagged as “premiere” and not “live”.

However, it does sound a little odd, especially since Facebook has previously hunted ‘Fake’ live videos, where publishers re-broadcast old content through Facebook live to get a reach boost; but as explained by Facebook’s Vice President of Product Fidji Simo, People will be able to experience Premieres of videos like movie trailers, new episodes of Facebook Watch shows, or new content from their favorite creators, alongside other fans together in real time – just like watching a Facebook Live video.” The motive here, is to give users another way to interact with video content, expanding the public viewing experience of live to more formats.

As demonstrated by the launch of Facebook’s dedicated communal live streaming app Bonfire, which enables users to participate in group chats using Messenger without having to download the actual application and the addition of new group streaming elements within Instagram Live. Facebook is looking to tap into the usage of video as a chatty device, which is a rising trend among young users.

The platform has also been testing out Watch Party, an app that allows Facebook group admins to share public video clips with their friends or members, and in return, the viewers will be able to comment and discuss the content in real time which again is like Facebook Live videos. Within its aim to stay ahead of the game, Facebook is consistently working on bettering user experience and further help brands create better, more consistent video content.

On another hand, Google as well dived into the video content with their Uptime application that allows users to create a shared viewing experience for any video, with comments and indicators of where people are in the playback.

It is obvious that both companies perceive communal video viewing as a valuable trend and it is worth noting that Facebook Live videos, still generate more interactions than regular video posts; it is a powerful tool that connects communities around the globe and this trend will surely bring an intimate vibe whereby people will feel heard, helping brands boost their engagement and views providing a more peer-to-peer experience.

Through “Premiere”, we can clearly see that Facebook is once more trying to tap into that additional engagement opportunity giving its users a more forward-thinking atmosphere to interact with videos and one another.

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