#SocialSpeak: Go Live and Understand the Needs of your Followers!

February 11, 2018

#SocialSpeak: Go Live and Understand the Needs of your Followers!

We are always looking for ways to improve our content on our social media platforms, and ways to understand our customers and what they would want to see.

Read on to understand more about what you as a business can do to keep improving, and to stay in sync with the always changing social media world.

Want to optimize your Social Media platforms for prospecting?

One of the most important sales and marketing tools for companies today is Social Media.

Businesses can attract many new followers and customers with relevant and timely posts. You must keep in mind that the approach your company takes when it comes to the creation and the sharing of content really matters. Viewers do not want to see too many sales-oriented content. They want to see more organic and authentic social posts, and that’s what keeps them coming back.

It’s important for your business’s social media account to be approachable and to engage with trending topics. Take a step to make your products come to life and show interest in your follower’s posts. Re-post, re-share, and re-tweet anything you find relevant that a follower might tag you in. Stay consistent, respond to people and most importantly prioritize authenticity!

Our Socialeyez tip for you is to invest more in ad buying. Promoting your posts will grab the attention of the audience you want to reach. Especially with the new Facebook algorithm we previously discussed in another blog post, investing more will give you better, and more frequent, results!

Stand out in the increasingly cold, competitive, and crowded Social Media world

People get countless amounts of emails, text messages, sponsored posts, etc. on a daily basis. The social media world has become flooded with relevant and irrelevant content from everyone.

To be able to step out of the shadows and to really reach your target market the authentic way, there are a few things you can do. First and foremost reevaluate what you are doing now. Ask yourself, are your posts hitting your engagement mark? Are they reaching the right audience? If you were an outsider, would these posts hit home with you? Would you be interested in what you see?

Another thing to be cautious about is which influencers are you choosing? People have become tired of seeing over the top endorsements that they all know are nothing but advertisements. Build a community and engage with your followers. Get to know them by using hashtags, live video chats and useful content. Let your customers understand that you are there to listen to them too.

Remember, educate your followers instead of trying to just sell to them. The aim of social media should be to educate and to engage with followers. Most customers whether existing, new, or potential, follow brands and businesses to stay up to date with their news, get tips on the products and services, and ask questions.

Ephemeral Content dominating social media?

The short-lived 24 hour lasting stories look like they are taking over all social media platforms. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories are viewed by followers as more authentic content than sponsored posts.

Instagram is adding new features to their app, and one of them is the option to share public stories to your own story. Of course, this option can be switched off, but it will bring more engagement and views to accounts that get their stories shared. Details of the original poster will be shared in the story and users can even add stickers and other story additions when resharing.

To bring better content on the short-lived apps, Snapchat has signed a deal with NBC to stream segments of the Winter Olympics live on their platform! This is, of course, a first for SnapChat since they usually don’t have live streaming of events on their app.

The live streaming will be under their Discover section, and there will be a “Live” banner identifying such content.







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