#SocialSpeak – Instagram, the App that Keeps us Hooked for all the Right Reasons

April 29, 2018

Instagram is always booming with updates and changes that keep all their platform users hooked and happy. They always find ways to make using their platform easier and more convenient.

After allowing users to upload 10 pictures and videos in one post, now Instagram has upgraded their Instastories in the same way. Users have the option to upload up to 10 pictures and videos to their Instagram Stories at the same time. This is a great change in the app because it helps people organize what they want to upload and post them when they feel it is the right time, when they have a better connection, or maybe when an event they are holding is over.

The update has been implemented on Android systems and they will soon roll out on IOS systems. This update is a great feature, especially for businesses that hold events and galas. More than one person can take photos and videos, and at the end of the event these can be gathered and posted all at once.

This upgrade is a time saver for social media agencies covering events and businesses posting, because they don’t have to go back to their gallery to select photos and videos they like. It also helps control the amount of content that goes on Instastories, instead of having to go back later and delete the ones that the company does not want anymore.

When companies, organisations, or even influencers travel and want to post their stories, finding proper connection could be a challenge sometimes. With this new Instagram update, it makes it easier for them to upload up to 10 different photos and videos at once.

When uploading the content all at once, the option to edit, add texts, emojis, etc is still available for each and every photo or video that is selected from the gallery. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the stories by adding hashtags, filters, and even polls! It’s a good way to highlight what you want viewers to see.

Instagram Stories matter, it “gives you a new way to communicate with your audience that’s a lot more direct and immediate”. That of course helps all businesses and organisations increase the engagement rates with the audience. The audience will feel more connected to the business or brand and most likely reply to stories as they are watching them.

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