#SocialSpeak: What you should be looking out for on Social Media

January 15, 2018

LinkedIn for influencers?

LinkedIn started as a platform for professionals and businesses to mix and match. Now, it is the platform for “businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs to build a strong foothold in the industry, and more importantly, establish a personal brand” (Singh, 2018).

They went from simple content creation, to users sharing self-published content, insights, and information.

LinkedIn has a powerful impact on people today. Users can be vulnerable. They can share their stories from A to Z. Their struggles, their progress, and finally their success. Through all that, there is engagement and there is inspiration!

Being the professional network it is, LinkedIn is a user’s digital reputation. It is the most “important social platform for B2B marketers” (Singh, 2018).

LinkedIn gives users transparency and gives companies the chance to research a potential employee before meeting them first hand.

Videos here, videos there, videos everywhere!

2018 is the year of videos. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are being flooded with video content more than ever. Most companies worry about going viral, however, that is not as important anymore. The aftermath of the video is what really matters. Who is this video reaching? What is that person doing after watching the video? Those are the questions that really need to be asked, ultimitally, they are more important than likes and clicks.  Companies’ goals should be to reach out to actual customers more than to reach high engagement, and it seems like video content is the way to provide higher customer interactions!

Reach out to your audience

Posting on social media is not just about creating the best caption for a perfectly edited image. It is more about connecting, networking, and being more strategic with your audience, for your audience!

Hashtags and Geotags are not just an online trend. If used properly, they will help customers find you better, online and offline. Hashtags can help social media users locate your page and get them interested in browsing more, while Geotags can help users locate your store and get them even more interested in visiting.

Engaging with customers is a must! Giveaways and competitions are a great way to get people to keep coming back to your page and to stay active. Ask customers to follow, like, comment, retweet, or whatever you want, depending on the social media platform, and watch both your engagements and your presence in general increase!  A plus? If you can go live, do it! Show your customers you are there and that you care. Give them insight to your business if you can and interact with them live.