#SocialSpeak: New Features to Enhance Your Social Media Experience

October 08, 2017

#SocialSpeak: New Features to Enhance Your Social Media Experience

It’s that time of the week again, the newest instalment of #SocialSpeak. We bring to you the latest on the social media scene.

Easier Choices with Instagram Poll Stickers

Confused about what to wear tonight, don’t know what to eat for dinner or cannot pick between chocolate fudge and salted caramel ice cream? Poll stickers on Instagram are here to the rescue. Instagram added a new method for conducting polls that enables you to see your followers’ results as they participate. Much needed, yeah?

It is quite simple. All you need to do is take a photo or a video for your story, choose the two-option poll sticker, write the poll questions and choices and let the results roll in. Not only that, but you can also see who voted for which option. And as with any Instagram story, polls and their results disappear in 24 hours.

On a larger scale, Instagram is not the first platform to include polls. First off in 2005 was Twitter then a bit later in 2011 came Facebook, which enables you to create polls on Messenger, events’ pages and on groups.

Creating polls has proven to be an effective marketing tool to gather audiences’ feedback, keep them engaged with the brand and help businesses segment their audiences according to their choices and responses.

Smile, Verify, Login: On Facebook’s Facial Recognition

Facebook is in the process of testing a new method to ensure the security of its users’ accounts, facial recognition. Soon enough, all you could be needing is your face to login to your account.

With issues of cyber security and data leakage on the rise, facial recognition might just be one of the most guaranteed ways to verify people’s accounts to date.

The new feature would help users recover their accounts and confirm their identities, like what happens now with the two-factor authentication via SMS. It will surely come in handy if you are at a place where you cannot receive texts because of bad signal, or if you lose access to your email account.

Additionally, Facebook has developed other methods to ensure people can regain access to their locked accounts, such as identifying photos of friends to make sure it is you or list some “trusted friends”, who receive a code that you ask them for to retrieve your account.

Before launching this feature, Facebook is making sure that facial recognition would be foolproof and efficiently serve its purpose. After all, if accounts can be unlocked only by holding up an image of the owner, then it might not be exactly what we need.

Do you think this new feature will put an end to identity theft and make users feel more secure about their Facebook accounts? Share with us your opinion on our Twitter page @SOCIAL_EYEZ.

LinkedIn Facilitates Hiring and Recruitment

Maintaining its status as the leading professional networking platform with more than 500 million members, LinkedIn is regularly working to enhance its data utilization.

Hence, it has devised a new feature called “Talent Insights” to further narrow the gap between recruiters and potential employees. “The new talent insights will allow recruiters to be more focused on a specific role,” commented Mashaal Tariq, HR Manager at SOCIALEYEZ. The feature is comprised of two main elements.

The first element will help employers fill in more information about the position they are posting about, such as which schools produce the employees they need, for instance. This will help recruiters narrow down their search and refine their results, in addition to ensuring the position is boosted to the right candidates. Tariq added that it, “[…] will also help recruiters identify the skill set for existing/new job role, which in return can help the company focus on their recruitment needs.”

The second element is more focused on the company itself. It allows the company profile to include role breakdowns and growth charts, just to name a few. This enables potential candidates to get a clearer image on what the company is like and improve the recruitment process overall.

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for the next edition of Social Speak.





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