March 26, 2018

#SocialSpeak: All the social media updates you need to know for the week

Small changes with a great impact. What’s new this week in the Social Media world? Here is a summary for the things to keep an eye out for.

Job seekers asking for referrals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn updated their features helping job seekers to stand out, and to help companies find the qualified employees for their vacant positions.

Individuals applying for a job can now request a referral from a previous employer, manager, or a connection they have in the company they are applying for. According to LinkedIn, “50% of recruiters find referrals to be the best source for quality hires, while those who are referred for a role are 4X more likely to hear back from the recruiting organization”.

First, LinkedIn added a new search filter under the ‘Jobs’ tab which allows the search to filter vacant positions by connections within your LinkedIn network.

Once the job seeker finds a job they are interested in, they can select the ‘Ask for a referral’ option to contact the individual they know in the organization and ask if they would give them a referral.

This new feature is very beneficial for job seekers and employers as it will help qualified individuals stand out strong, and it will help employers find better candidates.

Twitter challenging Snapchat?

Twitter is working on a camera-first feature that could give its platform more emphasis on pictures and videos.

CNBC explains that, “The new function would combine location-based photos and videos with Twitter Moments around notable events. Companies would sponsor events or place ads in between tweeted real-time photos and videos”.

Twitter users are used to real time tweets, so a camera-first Twitter Moments idea would certainly feel natural. This new update, which is still in its early production stage, could definitely get a lot of attention from the 330 million active users on the platform.

Sparking conversation and shares with interactive content

It is important to keep track of the number of followers a social media account has, however, it is more important to track the number of engagements the SM posts are acquiring.

The right content will keep your fans interested, the engagement increasing and will also allow your post not to be buried. At SOCIALEYEZ, we specialize in making our clients social media accounts stand out, so we have a tip for you.

Great engagement and for a way for you to understand your followers better is using quizzes and polls. They’re a fun and simple way to get followers involved and to see their reactions to your different products or services. Using quizzes and polls also shows your customers/followers that you are interested in knowing them and that you care about their opinion.

Stay tuned to our weekly #SocialSpeak for more on the latest social media trends, and for the inside scoop on what’s happening in 2018.



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