#SocialSpeak’s November Recap

December 04, 2017

#SocialSpeak’s November Recap

November was an eventful month for new Social Media updates, trends, and old posts that suddenly resurfaced. What happened during the last week of the month? In a nutshell, celebrities and other famous people saw a resurfacing of some of their past social media posts, which ended up putting a dent in their career, major brands pulled their ads off of YouTube, and the Black Friday sale was as entertaining as ever! Let’s go into the details!

Effects of old Social Media posts

When people first started posting on Social Media, no one really knew what the future of the internet held. A lot of people posted updates that, today, wouldn’t be very acceptable. Everything from a person’s opinions to their day-to-day tasks was there for the world to see.

In the past couple of weeks, celebrities and influential people have been called out for inappropriate and racist comments that they posted years ago after some of the posts resurfaced. As we all know, what is posted on the internet stays on the internet, and there have been many incidents of people losing their jobs over Facebook posts and tweets.

At this day and age, it is a good idea to go through your social media accounts’ old posts and clean up all of your profiles, and here’s how to do just that.

Twitter has the ‘Twitter’s Advanced Search’ feature, where you can search for specific words and phrases to easily locate and delete any offensive or embarrassing tweets.

Facebook is a little trickier and more time-consuming. You will need to go through your settings carefully and precisely. Start by limiting who can see your posts, and who can see anything your friends/family might tag you in.

Scrolling down your timeline is also an easy way you can look through old posts and delete them as you see them. Facebook’s ‘On this Day’ memories page is also a great help! It can reveal any posts you may have previously missed.

Major brands pulling their Ads from YouTube

YouTube has been in the headlines before regarding inappropriate videos on its website. They created methods that help get these videos, and like-minded comments, removed. Viewers can help this process by flagging videos they see as offensive or as inappropriate for specific age groups.

So after many YouTube users pointed out that several ads have been appearing on these inappropriate videos, major companies have decided to suspend their ads from the social media platform until the problem is fixed.

YouTube uses algorithms and the viewing community to locate inappropriate videos and comments and then permanently delete them, however, that doesn’t seem to cut it with many brands anymore.

Black November?

Black Friday, the day right after Thanksgiving, is the biggest sales event of the year! We’ve all seen the videos of fights over products,  long lines in the cold and rain, and even people camping outside stores! Black Friday is so popular that many countries have adopted the American tradition, despite not celebrating Thanksgiving at all.

As expected, malls all over the world were crowded on Black Friday, however, online shopping stole the spotlight for the whole month! According to Adobe Analytics, online shopping for the first three weeks of November rose 18% from last year, totaling to sales worth $30.4 million!

Different companies started their online “Black Friday” sales days before Thanksgiving, and some even started their sales from the first day of November! With many people waiting patiently for this important shopping trend, it looks like Black Friday might be replaced with Black November soon enough.

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