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The five types of #McWhooper fans right now

August 27, 2015

Burger King invited its archenemy; McDonald’s to join hands in making every burger lover’s dream come true… The McWhooper. The goal? To operate one restaurant for one day staffed by employees of both companies and selling a burger called the McWhopper, a blend of the Big Mac and the Whopper, the best-selling burgers at McDonald’s and Burger King. Since, McDonald’s oh-so-politely (NOT) declined, millions of hearts were broken last night and we’re talking about the collateral damage. Continue reading

2014 reflections in creative campaigns

January 3, 2015



VIRAL – that one word marketers are looking for

In 2014, digital campaigns have hit a stride with brands going the extra mile and proactively engaging with their communities online and offline. With many channels available, from the obvious Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the more specialized Pinterest and LinkedIn, we’re seeing brands utilize Social Media a few steps away from the basics. Take a look at this list of the most creative campaigns of 2014 from the US, some great and some ground-breaking: Continue reading