The Buzz: Nakbah

May 25, 2011

With several thousands of people protesting on the Nakbah Day in the Middle East and beyond, the event ignited the hearts and minds of the youth with one question that buzzed across the isles of social media communities – when will the world recognize Palestine and what could be the solution.

According to a SocialEyez research, a majority of buzz emanated from micro-blogging websites like Twitter and other real-time discussion boards where Arabs expressed their anger and vengeance against the creation of Israel as they marked the  ‘day of catastrophe’.

“Out of nearly 350 tweets captured on the day of Nakbah, 80% of posts/comments did not support the idea of a march towards the Egyptian borders with the Palestinian territory of Gaza. They said that addressing national problems and issues is more important than organizing the march.

In response to a post by Asmaa Mahfouz, a renowned political activist who supported the idea of the march as a pressure tactic vis-a-vis Israel, a fan named Ibn Masry said: “I guess it’s not the right time for such steps. Egypt is still at the stage of recovery [from the revolution’s effects].”

There were series of clashes that took a toll of 15 people on Israel’s borders Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Gaza.

Share of Voice

Most of the conversations took place on micro-blogs like Twitter, Google buzz and other open discussion forums.

Blogs and Social networks also featured a major share of conversations followed by other media platforms.

Sentiment Analysis: Social media users discuss about ‘Nakbah’

67% percent of conversations on the social networks were negative while 21% positive and 12% were neutral.

  • Over 21 per cent of social media conversations echoed the Israeli accusations that Damascus and its ally Iran orchestrated the unrest.
  • Nearly 67 per cent of social media conversations criticised the American media and majority of US public do not seem to take account the plight of the Palestinians during the Nakbah when the Israeli fighters expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homes.
  • 12 per cent of social media verbatim reflected a neutral tone towards the debates that took place on the web.

Top Discussed Subjects: What people discussed on social media?

1.       Recognize ‘Palestine’

2.       Is the Arab Spring really an “American” Revolution?

3.       Palestine vs. Israel: how many more innocents need to be killed?

4.       Where is the battle leading us?

5.       What is the solution?

Top Languages: In which language did people discuss most?

What people say? … Sample Verbatim

Is the Arab Spring really an “American” Revolution?

“US-backed revolution in Egypt ? The pure non-violent Egyptian people’s revolution has become a US product.   America has supported the revolution after they were sure that he could not control the country and it was for the interest of Israel security that Egypt would become stable.

US will never really support the revolution nor the country because the country was very stable before revolution.

But from their perspective and of course they will miss Israel’s strongest ally – Hosni Mubarak.

I live in Egypt and I lived every single minute of the revolution and I have a brain that helps me analyze and predict what exactly that is happening and a 5 years old child can also tell you that the USA will never really care for the Middle East no matter whosoever comes up with news stories like – Obama: we support democracy, peace and development in the Middle East.”

What could be the solution?

“The solution of Palestine is quite simpler than our imagination. The only solution for the Palestine is one state with equal rights.

Israel has Arab majority especially when dislocated people of Palestine are relocated to their native towns of Israel. Israel will become Arab dominated secular state.”

Recognize ‘Palestine’

Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has very recently  warned Israel that it has one more year to recognize an independent Palestinian state. If Israel fails to do so, Hamas will “add new cards to the resistance,” Mashaal told a group of young Egyptians who took part in the recent overthrow of the Dictator Hosni Mubarak. Many social media users have ushered their support for this.

…And Prayers

A huge number of social media users expressed resentment for the events that have been saying that the Palestinians have lost so many lives to claim their own land. May Allah bless them and also show them the right direction.

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