who are we

what we do

We are a digital engagement agency with eyes on everything social, building meaningful relationships between businesses and their target audience since 2010. Our mission is to build a bond of trust and love between brands and customers, reach millions across the globe while speaking to YOU personally


We bring award-winning and conceptually-creative ideas to life with our challenger mentality combined with our unprecedented expertise in user behaviour, giving us an edge in the digital realm.


Having worked with businesses across a wide variety of sectors, we’ve already established winning social media strategies, meaning we are able to produce real results and that’s why our clients choose to work with us for years and years.

Social Media Management

Our social media management experts take charge of managing your online presence. Social Media offers unparalleled marketing advantages to businesses, and we have the right skills to ensure your brand is always relevant while translating marketing efforts into tangible ROI

Creative Content Creation

The art of storytelling begins with our talented content creators who consistently aim to make sure that they’re talking to your audience -the right audience, in the right way. We aim to identify your style and tie it with what your brand hopes to achieve today and in the future.

Performance Marketing

We offer a managed (PPC) advertising service designed to help you promote your business, generate leads and increase conversion rates across popular search and social media platforms.

Video Production

Why is video production important today?
 We can give you the top three reasons: engaging, shareable and attention-grabbing. As experts in the field, we have the skill and necessary talent to produce high-quality, engaging video content that ensures you remain competitive and relevant on social and beyond

Website & App Development

We create websites and Apps that convert. 
At SOCIALEYEZ, we know what it takes to ensure a web and app design project succeeds. It starts with listening to you - our client, and understanding your customers.

How We Do It


Research & Analytics

Data is everything. It's here, there & everywhere.
We gather, organize, closely monitor, analyze, and harness its power to create dashboards and reports with key metrics that'll help us achieve your objectives.

Analysis and Research

We research trending topics, hashtags and detect customer sentiment about products and services to gain a deeper understanding of the multichannel customer journey, then act on these insights to improve experiences.



Performance Monitoring

Looking for a quality media plan that meets your goals? Our dedicated specialists monitor real-time data and measure your KPIs for better performance and outcomes.

Drafting Strategies

Need a killer strategy that redefines your marketing plans and promotional approach? It just so happens that we are experts in drafting effective creative strategies that communicate your brand story in a super trendy way.


Content Creation

Ideas are renewable, and as long as we got a good story and someone to tell it to, we'll keep tapping those half-erased keyboard keys like never before. Your brand's voice will surely be heard & recited.

Campaign Management

Legendary brands are known for their memorable campaigns, and memorable campaigns are done by legendary agencies. Do you see where we're going with this?




Creative Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say they complete each other, and your audiences are lucky enough to witness the harmony. Let's talk design!

Motion Graphics & Animation

Imagine everything still coming to life. Now imagine a choreography of motion pictures conveying your brand message in utter magnificence.

Video Production & Editing

Our talented teams capture your brand's essence and turn it into a masterpiece, one that'll be shared and reshared, talked about and archived in Social Media accounts.