YouTube’s New Comments & Video Features

June 27, 2019

YouTube’s New Comments & Video Features

How many times did you come across hateful and abusive comments on YouTube videos? Many people avoid reading them while some scroll through them and come across various forms of criticism.

The New Hiding Comments Feature

Comments now need an extra effort to view through the new YouTube feature being tested, that hides them by default. This means that viewers need to make an extra effort by tapping on the “comments” button which would reduce spam, abuse, and the spread of concerning content.

 YouTube has confirmed the test to TechCrunch, saying that:

“We’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch, share and interact with the videos that matter most to them. We are testing a few different options on how to display comments on the watch page.”

 Taking the Feature to the Next Level

YouTube is continuously aiming to make an effort to enhance privacy and convenience by taking small steps and testing how people react. This new feature stemmed from harmful content spread by certain groups through comments. Additionally, the comment section has always been questionable which is why it is now de-emphasised by becoming out of the view.

 Continuous Efforts for Users’ Protection

The platform will keep testing and expanding its efforts to ensure protecting its users. Consequently, the next level of that shift might be to de-activate all comments on videos featuring minors to protect them from predatory behaviour.

A “Remastered Feature” for a better viewing experience

Given the dominance of music videos in YouTube’s most viewed of all time listings, it makes sense for the platform to give the medium its own focus.

YouTube announced its partnership with Universal Music Group to upgrade nearly 1,000 of the top music videos of all time. Some of these clips include Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga and The Beastie Boys.

Before the end of 2020, YouTube plans to add more remastered clips each week. The aim behind this is to ensure these videos are up to the latest standards to make them appealing to new audiences and on playback devices.

The new versions will have a specific “Remastered” note in the description, indicating that it has been upgraded. This will improve the viewing, whether on mobile, desktop, or living room screen. As said by YouTube, the new videos will seamlessly replace the original versions on both YouTube and within YouTube Music, while retaining the same URL, view-counts and “likes.”

An influential platform

 As a strong influencing platform with almost two billion users, YouTube has a high capacity of impacting people and needs to act in line with this.

A huge platform with a huge impact on the community needs to always be careful and use its power to create a positive voice, minimise any harmful content, and improve the viewing experience.

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